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Something amazing is happening in Saskatchewan

- a craft wine & spirits revolution -

A handful of innovative wineries, distilleries and meaderies are making handcrafted, locally made spirits, wines, ciders and meads available for the first time since prohibition. The heart of this movement is an embrace of quality over quantity, producing wonderful libations using locally sourced fruits, grains, honeys and sugars in small batches. Independent artisan distilleries, wineries and meaderies are producing more than a hundred unique liquors – everything from wine, vodka, cider, gins, rum, mead,  whisky, and even more specialized spirits like Eau de Vie, and flavored liqueurs.

" The Saskatchewan craft industry is of increasing importance, and we are excited to have a forum in which we can work to grow together. Not only do we make unique, quality products made from products grown right here in Saskatchewan, but we are economic drivers for our communities and are committed to growing and keeping our businesses here in this province."


- Sue Echlin, Co-owner of Living Sky Winery.

-Advocates for Artisans-

The Saskatchewan Artisan Wine & Spirits Association is a not-for-profit membership group committed to the craft wine, mead, cider and spirits of Saskatchewan. Members and associate members include: Black Fox Farms & Distillery, Last Mountain Distillery, Living Sky Winery, Lucky Bastard Distillery, Prairie Bee Meadery, Outlaw Trail Spirits and Stumbletown Distilling.

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