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Outlaw Trail Spirits Inc. is a small-batch artisan distillery dedicated to the production of the highest quality spirits from grains and other raw agricultural products sourced in Saskatchewan.  The passion, hard work and spirit of independence of the early homesteaders who settled on the northern terminus of the Outlaw Trail in the Big Muddy Valley is part of our inspiration, and is the history of our owners.  We are huge fans of the craft beer movement, and take cues from the great craft brewers to create new and delicious grain spirits. 

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Our retail store is open Tuesday through Saturday throughout the year, and we enjoy giving tours.  Our "Watering Hole" is a great place to hang out and enjoy a beverage, and is perfect for corporate and other private events.  We are a short one-block stroll from the Dewdney Avenue area, where you can check out the fine wares of some of Saskatchewan's best craft breweries, so it is easy to arrange an afternoon of beverage and food ecstasy.

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