AKA Lucky Bastard Distillers is a Saskatoon Micro Distillery founded in 2010. We hand craft the worlds finest spirits and liqueurs using locally sourced fruit and grains.

We are a micro-distillery, which means that we hand craft spirits and liqueurs in very small batches and distill only 250 litres at a time. The benefit of these small distillation batches is that we maintain control of our artistry and capture only the crème de la crème of distillates coming off the still.


We are traditionalists when it comes to our products. We rely on our senses of taste, sight, and smell, and we have no automated quality control. Everything is produced under the watchful eye and taste-buds of our distillers.


Our motto is quality over quantity, and we won’t bottle until it’s over-proof awesome.

Contact information

814 4th Street East

Saskatoon, SK

S7K 0X4




Tours & Tasting information

We would love to show you around and are always excited to explain how we craft our libations.

Our guests will learn how our spirits and liqueurs are produced, from grain to glass and berry to bottle. During the tour, we will bring out a selection of up to 5 product samples, and then we'll even let you stick your nose in a bung hole!  

In our Whisky Room you can cozy up to the bar and enjoy perfectly curated cocktails, charcuterie and light snacks.


Afterwards we welcome guests into our retail store where you will find all of our current products, as well as plenty of unique bar and cocktail inspired gifts.



Thursday to Saturday

11am to 6pm

Tours & Tastings are free of charge!

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