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-Looking to join us?-

Regular membership in the Association is limited to Saskatchewan manufacturers who meet the guidelines of "craft" in the province of Saskatchewan and produce more than 10,000 litres of wine or spirits a year. Associate memberships are open to manufacturers who do not yet meet the requirements as well as other interested parties in the tourism, agriculture and other related sectors. Any companies interested in joining should contact us for more details.


- Why we do what we do -
  • Creation of a marketing program to promote quality, Saskatchewan products to consumers.

  • Work with regulatory bodies to continue to create a positive business atmosphere for Saskatchewan craft wine and spirits.

  • provide a forum for idea sharing, technical support and economies of scale.


- The who's who -

Sue Echlin - owner of Living Sky Winery

John Cote - owner of Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Meredith Schmidt - Chair & owner of Last Mountain Distillery

Cary Bowman - Treasurer & owner of LB Distillers

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